Questions to ask before booking limo for your wedding

Limousine Booking in DFW Airport

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of your life and on this day, you would definitely want to indulge in some luxuries. One of these is spending on a good rented car to take drive way with your newly wedded partner after the ceremony and the most common choice is a limousine. However to book a limousine, you must ask the company certain questions so that there is no scope for error. The following are some questions to ask before limousine booking in DFW airport for your wedding.

1.    What kind of training has been given to your drivers?

The first and most important question to ask is about the training of the drivers.  Make sure the training is sufficient and the driver is licensed to ride across the state borders as well. If the need be, you can also check the license yourself and also any certifications if valid.

2.    Which limousine models do you have?

Another important question to ask before renting a limousine is the model options available. Note down the model options and then decide which one you would like to book. If possible, ask the company to show you the models so that you can check their condition as well.

3.    What are the rental and service charges?

One of the most vital questions that you should definitely ask is about the charges of the limousine rental service.  When the price is told, you must also task if it is all inclusive and whether you would need a contract to pay the amount.  This helps you check whether the service falls in your budget bracket or not.

4.    What is your insurance policy and what all it covers?

It is important to know what the insurance policy of the rental is and what all it covers.  This helps you in the case of any mishappening or accidents.  In case of any personal injury because of the vehicle or driver, the company is liable to reimburse you and you must know of your rights in advance.

5.    Is it okay to drink, eat or smoke in the vehicle?

Since it is your wedding day for which you are making the bookings, you might want to enjoy with your partner with eating and drinking. It is thus important to ask the limousine rental company whether foods, drinks and smoking is allowed or not.

Now that you know the top questions to ask before renting a limo for your wedding, you might have an easier time making the bookings. To book Van service to DFW airport or a limo in DFW airport, Texas, you can contact Dallas Limo and Black Car Service.


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