Benefits and advantages of renting minibuses

As the name suggests, a mini bus is a smaller size bus which seats about 12-20 people depending upon the exact size. This kind of a bus is ideal for various purposes and uses but buying it may not be the best idea just like buying a bus isn’t that bright idea. But one thing that can be done is renting a minibus. Yes, if you are a group of people who wish to travel somewhere by road but not in separate cars, then you can rent a minibus and enjoy your ride together. Besides this there are many other benefits of minibus rental and some of them have been provided as follows:

Saves money

When you rent a minibus to travel from one place to another you save a lot of money as compared to either renting equivalent number of cars or taking your own car. The amount you save usually is saved on diesel costs and renting costs. A minibus may cost you less for rental as compared to renting other kinds of vehicles. Thus by renting one you are saving a lot of money of your group.

Is more fun to travel in

It is a fact that the more the merrier and the same holds true when you travel with a bunch of people. Travelling is all about journeys and journeys are made memorable with people. Thus rather than travelling in different cars, travelling in a minibus is a lot more fun and exciting. So ditch your cars and rent a minibus instead!

Is much more safer

When a bunch of people travel together, you are always ensured that the others in the group are safe and together. Moreover on a lot of terrains, a minibus is more stable and safe as compared to other kinds of vehicles. When you take cars, you have to keep waiting for other cars to ensure their safety but so is not the case in a minibus.

Takes lesser parking space

When you stop over at different points while travelling or park your vehicle at your final destination, then a minibus takes much less parking space and this is another benefit of renting it rather than taking or renting other vehicles especially multiple cars.

Now that you know the various benefits of renting a minibus, you too must consider this option the next time you are travelling somewhere. The best place to rent vehicles in Fort Worth, Texas is Dallas Limo and black car services. We provide you a gamut of vehicles for rent at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Rent the bus or any other car today!



For all your Limo rental needs, contact us!

local car service

It is true that limo rentals and other vehicle rentals have become very common these days, given the fact that so many rental companies have stepped into this field. But no one can beat the quality of service that Dallas Limo and Black car service can provide you. We bring you exceptionally reasonable yet top quality rentals for all your needs including limousine services in Dallas TX.  If you too are someone who wants to rent a limo for any purpose, you can contact us. Read the following to know more

Limousines for all purposes and needs

We provide a large fleet of limousines of all makes and models, depending upon your preference and needs. You can pick and choose from these cars whenever you wish to rent. All you need to do is to log on to our website and then select the model you like. You can check out its rental cost along with the total cost, depending upon your duration of rental. Whether you wish to rent a limo for a wedding or for a special occasion, for airport transfers or city tours, we provide them all. Moreover our limousines come with professionally trained chauffeurs which make the limo ride even more fantastic.

Once you book a limo with us, we shall leave no stone unturned to make you feel like a king or queen. So ride in comfort and do not worry about anything since it is going to be a ride of your life.

Bookings made easy

Dallas Limo and Black car service is one of the few modern day car rental companies which enable you to book online and even on phone 24 hours a day. Booking with us is very easy and convenient since it takes just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Pick that phone up to call us or send us a message online and we shall get back to you swiftly.

Limousines in perfect condition

All our limos are in perfect condition and you shall find no fault in them. Once booked, you can remain tension free since the service that you will get will be unparalleled.  The cars are always washed, repaired and serviced for your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Book with us today and get local car service or limo service at the most affordable rates. Dallas Limo and Black car service is the one stop destination for all your car rental needs.  Besides limo service, there are many other rentals you can avail including mini bus rentals, party bus rentals etc. is the one stop destination for all your car rental needs.  Besides limo service, there are many other rentals you can avail including mini bus rentals, party bus rentals etc. So for any requirements in Dallas TX, contact us and make your bookings on time. Looking forward to serving you in the best way possible.



Choose our local car service for your city escapades

local car serviceEvery city is beautiful and has a lot to offer. From monuments to local attractions and from restaurants to other places, there is a lot to explore and see in your own city. But one thing that can stop us from doing so is the lack of the right means of transportation. It may not be possible for all of us to buy a vehicle especially so that we can see our city and public transportation in every city is also not that great. In such a case it is best to choose local car service, especially one offered by Dallas Limo and Black car service. Read on to find out more about the same.

Our local car service takes you wherever you want to go

By choosing our local car service, one benefit that you can avail is that you can visit any place or go to any corner of the city, wherever you want. We offer flexible car renting options which can be booked with or without the option of a chauffeur. Moreover, you can go to places that you had on your bucket list but were not able to go to till now. There is absolutely no limit to the amazing options you can explore by booking our local car service option.

Choose the car of your choice

When you book with us, you are absolutely not limited to the type of car that you wish to rent. Our fleet is impressive and gives you the option of getting spoilt for choice. Imagine riding in the car of your dreams to the place you always wanted to go to and for as many hours as you would like. Want this to come true? Book with us today! From Limos to Mercs and from standard cars to luxury vehicles, the list is endless.

Affordable and flexible

One thing that makes us better and different than other car service providers is the fact that we are extremely affordable and definitely more than owning your own car. We offer flexible payment and booking options which again gives us an edge over other car rental providers.  You can also always avail several deals and offers if you are lucky enough to find ongoing ones on the website.

So what are you waiting for? Our local car service and other services like executive minibus etc are waiting to serve you and take you around the city for a tour that you always wanted. So book with us today and go anywhere you want in Dallas (TX). Dallas Limo and Black car service is always at your disposal.



Enjoy comfort and luxury with our Sprinter Passenger Van

Dallas Limo and Black car service has gained great recognition and popularity as the most renowned car rental service provider in Texas and surrounding areas. Not only our company is known for the amazing fleet of vehicles, but also for top-notch service and amazing rates. Our affordable rate list and efficient service style is what makes us completely distinguished from any other local car service provider in Texas. Being known for offering variety of car rental services, Dallas Limo and Black car service has now came up with something more to offer extra comfort and luxury to its customers. To let our customers enjoy the best out of their transportation experience, we have added Sprinter Passenger van in our fleet.

Whether you have a special occasion or want transportation service for any corporate purpose, our Sprinter Passenger van service is just perfect to fulfill your needs. We always make sure to offer best services to our customers that fit in their budget.

Sneak-peak to our Sprinter Passenger Van

Our Sprinter Passenger Van is an ideal choice for our executive clients who prefer superior comfort while traveling. This executive van can easily accommodate groups of 13 or less and are equipped with many modern amenities. You can enjoy your transportation while sitting in plush, reclining leather seating along with deeply-tinted windows that offer privacy. This luxury van has an amazing storage capacity to accommodate your travel luggage. The interior is beautifully designed with luxurious touch along with front mounted LCD TV with DVD player. The vans are equipped with advanced air conditioning, Wi-fi access and surround stereo system. In short, it can offer you everything that you can expect from a comfortable transportation.

Sprinter Passenger Vans are a great addition to our fleet that can accommodate 12 to 15 passengers at a time. We always pay close attention towards the needs of our customers and have always hard to deliver the best to meet their expectations. With our Sprinter passenger vans large groups of people can easily travel in comfort and style in the most luxurious way. Moreover, these vans are perfect for all kinds of occasions and we offer them to our customers with the lowest possible prices.

Why choose Sprinter Passenger Vans?

Renting a Sprinter Passenger Van from Dallas Limo and Black car service will be a great decision, if you want to travel in the most comfortable way. Even if you owned your car, it is not practically possible to travel around with a big family. Especially, if you are looking forward for a stress-free transportation option for a special occasion such as wedding or Christmas, Sprinter Passenger Van rent service is an ideal pick for you.


Enjoy our town car and party bus services at reasonable prices

Dallas Limo and Black car service is a trusted and reputable name in the industry when it comes to cars and other vehicles for rental.  It is known for its large fleet of vehicles which can serve you in various situations and occasions of life. For example, if you wish to go for airport transfers, you can rent our limousines which are especially meant for this purpose. We offer many services and an excellent staff that is always eager to help you and serve you in the best way possible. Similarly we also provide party bus service as well just like our town car service dfw. To know more about these, you can go through the following given information.

Town car service

If you wish to take a round of a town or city or wish to give your guests a town tour, then you can opt for our town car service. This service, like our others reaches you on time with a chauffeur and lets you cover the main highlight points and tourist spots on the town. You can choose from our large fleet of vehicles for this purpose and make a booking. You can book either by calling us or contacting customer support through our online form. The process is simple and the service is very affordable.  Town car service is available in many areas.

Party bus service

Our party bus service is one of our most popular. As the name suggests, this service enables you to book our party bus and take a whole group with you for a party. It is a good way to give your friends or family a treat on a special occasion. Our swanky buses are perfect for this purpose and can be rented quite easily.  We have a large range of party buses with different seating capacities, depending upon your requirement and group size.  You can visit our fleet page and select the party bus that you wish to book. Enter in the date, time and other details and you are done! Yes it’s that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Dallas Black car and Limo is always ready for you to have a ride of your life in the car of your choice. So contact us today and book yourself a comfortable ride.  Some of the vehicles from our fleet that we offer include stretch limos, limos for airport transfers, Rolls Royce, coach buses, stretch hummers, passenger vans and others. We provide our services in many areas including Texas.